West Cloud Valley Project

The West Cloud Valley Project has built customized data centers for one of the leading international cloud computing providers in Zhongwei, Ningxia Province, China.

Zhongwei is an inland city, its climate is semi-arid. It has characters of typical continental monsoon climate and desert climate. The yearly average temperature in Zhongwei is 8.2~10℃, the average annual frost-free period is 159~169 days,  the average annual precipitation is 138~353.5 mm, the average annual evaporation is 1729.6~1852.2 mm, and the annual sunshine time is 3796.1 hours. This project has used the 2.5 generation fresh air cooling technology from U.S. in Zhongwei’s suitable climate, and become the first deployed data center cluster with the fresh air cooling technology in China. 

(Due to the confidentiality requirement, Cloud Frame Co. can’t provide pictures from this project.)