Intelligent Power Distribution Cabinet

Introduction of Intelligent Precision Distribution Cabinet:

Intelligent precision distribution cabinet provides power to servers,and is used mainly in modern data centers which require high reliability. Intelligent precision distribution cabinet has intelligent monitoring system, which monitors and alarms the power quality, switch status for IT loads in real time. The intelligent monitoring system can connect to BMS system seamlessly through the standard communication interface.



The Features of The Intelligent Precision Distribution Cabinet:

◆ Display single rack total power from any branch

◆ Reasonable space layout for convenient installation and maintenance

◆ Feature-rich monitoring system connects seamlessly to BMS system

◆ Clients can choose the number of branches for rapid expansion based on demand

◆ Monitors and alarms the power quality, switch status in real time


Intelligent Monitoring System:


The Intelligent Monitoring System provides all-around monitoring functions for the power distribution,cooling,and security.