Independent Distributed Load Banks(IDLB)


◆  Each IDLB provides 5kW load (It can be adjusted to lower steps).

◆  Power distribution cabinet connects the IDLB in a hot or cold aisle as a block module.It also collects temperature and humidity data.


Test Environment

The IDLB system can be used in hot/cold aisle without racks installed or with racks installed.


                        without racks installed                                                                                with racks installed

Transport and Move 

◆  IDLB system can be stored and transported in a standard ISO container.

◆  A 20-feet standard ISO container can accommodate 200 IDLB(total capacity1MW); 

◆  Carts can be used for flexible moving of the IDLB onsite.

2017-04-21 - 智能化测试系统- p5.jpg

Intelligent Monitoring System:

◆  The intelligent monitoring system connects to each IDLB.

◆  The intelligent monitoring system trends and logs power distribution, cooling, and humidity.