Hybrid Free-Cooling Solutions

Hybrid Free-Cooling

The Hybrid Free-Cooling integrates air-side (such as direct outside air cooling) and water–side (such as dry cooler cooling or evaporative cooling) free-cooling into a coherent system. With the help of a smart control system,the Hybrid Free-Cooling enables data center operate under wide range climate environments with high energy efficiency and reliability.



Many data centers still use traditional mechanical cooling methods. Mechanical cooling accounts for about 30-50% of data center total energy consumption. Free-cooling has become the mainstream technology in modern green data centers. The energy consumption for free-cooling can be as low as 10% of data center total energy consumption, or less. There are two kinds of free-cooling solutions, air-side and water-side. The“Hybrid Free-Cooling”System and its controller developed by Cloud Frame takes advantage of both free-cooling methods selecting or blending these solutions for optimum efficiency.By combining different cooling methods, it provides a highly efficient cooling solution for data centers under various climate environments and IT loads. 

Internal Airflow Diagram for Hybrid Free-Cooling Solution:


Combination of Four Cooling Sources:

◆  Chiller: optional unit. The clients don"t need to choose this unit if they have their own chillers.

◆  Indirect evaporation unit: optional unit. The clients don"t need to choose this unit if water is scarce at the project location.

◆  Dry coolers: optional unit.The clients don"t need to choose this unit if the dry coolers have been integrated into chillers.

◆  Direct fresh air cooling: standard unit. It can be used as an emergency backup cooling even if the clients don"t use it as a regular cooling source.

Intelligent Monitoring System: