Cloud Frame Co., Ltd is a founding member of Beijing Cloud Valley. We are committed to the development of next generation green data centers, particularly prefabricated data center solutions and products. Our mission is to “transform data center construction from a project to a product”.  

Through factory prefabrication, many onsite construction coordination and uncertainty problems could be alleviated; construction quality could be improved by working under factory environment and industrial product quality management; the project delivery time could be shortened to less than 50% of the conventional construction approach; and the Total Cost of Ownership could be reduced by more than 30%.  

Cloud Frame has pioneered the development of prefabricated data center in China. In 2010, we designed and built China’s first ever container-based modular data center for The National Digital Publication Institute. In 2013, we successfully developed and delivered the first skid-based in-building prefabricated large date center. Recently, the company has built one of the largest data center clusters in the desert of Western China for a leading cloud computing company in the world.

Cloud Frame has the largest data center prefabrication factory in China, equipped with full-size data center cooling and power distribution testing platforms. Through continuing investment in R&D, we have successfully developed CF900A series prefabricated Modular Data Center for green field application, CF900B series for in-building application. We have also developed Skid-based In-building Prefabricated Data Center solution for a raised floor cooling environment, and our long history outstanding CF500-700 Container-base Data Center series. Besides these integrated data center solutions, we have provided customers with AHUs, Independent Distributed Load Bank System (a proprietary product), and Intelligent Power Distribution Cabinet as well.