CF900B — Prefabricated Modular Data Center (In Building Solution)

CF900B applies prefabricated modular construction approach to a brick-and mortar building. It changes the traditional data center construction process of attaching equipment one by one to the building shell. CF900B uses hot aisle containment as the base structure to attach and integrate airflow passage, ceiling, lighting, cable tray, temperature/humidity/smoke sensors, and security camera. The whole containment based assemblies are pre-manufactured in factory as flat components. CF900B has little interaction and low requirement for the shell building, and is suitable for building a data center in an existing building. It alleviates one of the major problems of traditional construction that requires complicated on-site coordination and cross interaction between many different construction aspects. The standard components also improve quality and cost of construction. CF900B can work with various airflow arrangements. Combined with the outdoor structured Hybrid Free-Cooling Solution, CF900B can be very energy efficient. (PUE could be as low as 1.09.)


Fast Delivery:

◆  Fast delivery - 60~90 days; (Excluding overseas transportation)

◆  PUE can be as low as 1.09, and low TCO;

◆  Factory prefabrication, reliable quality;

◆  Standard common components, can be replaced on demand;

◆  The external independent cooling system and the upper static pressure room for cold air supply

    make the cooling more reliable, accurate and efficient;

◆  Equipment installation is independent of the building structure;

◆  Suitable for common multi-story building;

◆  Flexible expansion and customization.


      CF900B Containment basedassembly main structure              CF900B Containment based assembly integrated components



                            Air supply from side                                                                                  Air supply from top